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You can contact me via steve@bitfern.co.nz


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More about me

I am Head of Data & Analytics for a New Zealand finance company. Originally from the UK, I took a career break to travel the world and somehow never returned. My background is in software development and information systems, but more recently I’ve been responsible for information management, business intelligence and data analytics initiatives. I was lucky to be exposed to human centered design and innovation as part of my role, and I love the insight that can be found from combining quantitative data and qualitative research.

I am currently a Tableau Ambassador (community forums) 2022-23.

When not grappling with data or design you’ll find me blogging, walking, cycling or travelling. Occasionally I’ll turn my data analysis skills to picking the perfect Fantasy Football team, and as a Leicester City fan I’m pretty optimistic that I’ll get my picks right eventually!

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