Makeover Monday, 2017 #10

This week a look at the top 500 gamer channels on YouTube based on this list on What intrigued me about this week was the immediately interesting disparity between the video views, channel subscribers and the Social Blade ranking (score) and rating (grade). The more influential channels according to Social Blade are not necessarily those with more views or more subscribers. The list itself is pretty handy but not visual engaging and there’s no real story telling or summary.

For my makeover I wanted to highlight the difference between the Social Blade ranking / rating and raw views / subscribers. I also wanted to practice a few tricks raised by Rody Zakovich on making your dashboard pop and from Andy and Eva on the Makeover Monday blog for week 8 and 9. I think this is an improvement on the list – and on my previous makeovers – but there’s still more I’d like to have nailed if time had allowed.


Top 500 YouTube Gamer Channels.

The visualisation is also available on Tableau Public.