Makeover Monday, 2017 #13

I found week 13 of Makeover Monday quite hard. The visualisation in question was an infographic purporting to show the perceived reasons for success by different social strata. The subtitle of the graphic seemed quite inflammatory and so I was keen to trace the data back to source to see what grounds the author had for their claims. Unfortunately, as others found too, it was pretty hard to find the actual Russian survey results used. This University of Illinois blog post has a great critique of the visualisation and is well worth a read.

For my makeover I’ve focussed on simply redoing the visualisation as I wasn’t able to sense check things like sample size or what constituted the social strata. A caveat is included. I wanted to highlight that the less well off and better off were usually at opposite ends of the range for most of the success factors that were offered in the survey.




The viz is also available on Tableau Public.