Makeover Monday, 2017 #32

This week a makeover of an article and Tableau chart about sanitation in rural Indian schools, based on data from the ASER Centre. Here is the original chart posted by Eva and Andy:


This is a great topic as it reminds us about what we take for granted and the challenges that others face. For me a geographical map is good in some ways (I can see where the states are and potentially spot regional trends) and not so good in others (the data for Goa is hidden). The headings don’t grab me and although the colour highlighting is a nice idea, I’m not sure I’ve understood it as there are some states that seem to lag further behind those highlighted. Showing the specific situation for girls compared to the overall is great as this looks like an important part of the story, but it is quite hard to compare the two figures for any one state as you have to shift your attention from one map to the other.


Made over

A tile map seemed like a good way to retain some of the benefits of the map whilst mitigating the downsides. It was an interesting exercise to make a tile map for India and the end result still retains some similarity to an outline of India. The addition of imagery featuring the Indian flag reinforces the fact that the viz is about India, and I like the analogy of a child putting their hand up to ask to go to the toilet!.

I’ve attempted to reframe the figures so that I could highlight the additional proportion of schools with no working girls toilet. And the final design decision was a headline and sub-title to bring the implications and key points into focus for the reader.


The visualisation is also available on Tableau Public here.