Makeover Monday, 2017 #34

So apparently there was a pretty exciting solar eclipse this week. I guess that’s why Eva picked a NASA data set on solar eclipses for Makeover Monday! Go check out the original article as it’s got a great map of eclipse paths. The data we got for our makeover didn’t include paths, instead it included one coordinate for each eclipse over 5 millennia along with data on the type and duration. Still, the community produced some amazing and informative visualisations.

Like others, I was seeing interesting patterns across longitudes and latitudes during initial exploration. I started off with bar charts based on longitude and latitude bins but decided there was an opportunity to try a radial bar chart in Tableau. My trigonometry is a bit rusty so I turned to Rajeev Pandey’s “how to” guide to get a start on the maths. Thanks Rajeev!

Here’s what I ended up with:


For longitudes it felt appropriate to use the full 360 degrees, but for latitude which stretches from pole to pole I felt a semi circle was a more accurate representation. Labelling the max values on each chart gives some context and I added subtle Greenwich / South pole labels to the first chart on each row to orientate the viewer.

I loved what people were doing to explain the different types of eclipse so added that as hover over text on a central circle. Colour choice was intended to help the charts pop although in hindsight I should have tried a black background. Have a look at Michael Mixon’s excellent submission to see what I mean. I also loved Colin Wojtowycz’s viz which highlighted the interesting data around latitude of partial eclipses.

Finally if you want to try the interactive version of my viz, head over to Tableau Public.