Makeover Monday, 2017 #36

The UN, #MakeoverMonday and #VizForSocialGood came together to challenge the data visualisation community to visualise results from the MYWorld survey on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. You can read more about the challenge on the Makeover Monday blog.

The design is geared towards a tablet as there were indications that the UN would like to use the finished viz on stands with tablets at various UN events like the forthcoming UN General Assembly in New York.

I’ve split the story into three pages to meet different aspects of the brief:

  1. The overall demographics of survey participants (I’ve also used this page as an opportunity to introduce the goals and the MYWorld survey questions);
  2. Responses across the 17 goals for question 2 and 3 of the survey (a sort order selector in the column headings allows the user to consider different rankings); and
  3. The ability for users to compare their country to another country (indications were that stakeholders were interested in, and motivated by, comparisons to their neighbours).

The proposed visualisation is available on Tableau Public with data extracted as at 23-Aug-2017 – screenshots below.

Page 1


It would be possible to include a country filter on this page (in the right hand column header) and to include a call to action prompting the user to consider what participation is like across various demographics within their country – and what they could do to increase or maintain participation.

The graph of participation over time is intended to show how participation is trending in terms of the goal of 1,000,000 respondents per year and a good place to show how many participants are aware of the goals over time.

Page 2


The continent and country filters at the bottom allow the user to focus in on their area of interest. They can move to page 3 for more detailed comparisons of specific goals. An improvement would be to allow the user to click a goal on page 2 to jump to page 3 with that goal selected.

Page 3


As well as the country comparisons this page also allows the user to compare responses by some of the other categories in the survey data – e.g. education level and HDI (human development index). Finally the page ends with a call to action to take the survey and a thank you for exploring the results. An alternative use of this space would be a call to action geared towards meeting the sustainable development goals.