Makeover Monday, 2017 #42

Making over a table of Formula E racing results from the FIA Formula E website this week.

I was interested in how drivers progressed from practice to qualification so went with a bump chart. I’ve highlighted the winner but dashboard actions also allow the user to highlight the driver that they are hovering over. This way they can see how each driver’s performance changes during an event because the bump chart is quite hard to follow otherwise.

The viz asks a question and gives the user room to explore the data and come to their own conclusions, however a micro chart in the left hand margin also provides a general answer for those with less time or inclination to interact. The micro chart is based on average rank in qualification and race with a trend line to show the correlation.

You’ll spot that for the “super pole” session only six drivers are involved. To avoid a gap in the bump chart for the other drivers I’ve filled this rank from the previous session but not shown a mark / rank.

If I had more time and data I’d dig into the impact that fanboost has on the eventual winner.

The viz is also available on Tableau Public.