Makeover Monday, 2017 #43

A tough week for me with a hectic work week and a struggle for #MakeoverMonday inspiration.

The aim was to makeover this Myers Briggs chart. I like the 4×4 grid representation of the original as we are basically looking at a mix of four attributes. I don’t really get a sense of the percentages / proportions though as every segment of the grid is the same size. I also had to flick back and forth between another page on the site to get a more detailed explanation of what the letters mean.

Perhaps foolishly I decided I wanted an overlapping area chart showing all four dimensions. I couldn’t do this in Tableau so should have fallen back on a tree map or marimekko, or maybe this beautifully simple reviz from Henrik Lindberg (nice). Instead I banged my head against producing the following:



It’s also available on Tableau Public.

Most of the work was actually done in an SQL script as I couldn’t wrap my head around the Tableau table calculations. Was it worth it? Yes and no. The representation isn’t totally accurate due to fudging the bottom row and left hand column start points.  On the other hand it’s quite visually engaging and it was good to nail those calculations even if it was back in SQL!