Makeover Monday, 2017 #48-49

Another double header post! Brief notes on this weeks makeover and last weeks.

Week 48

Last weeks data asked what if the world was made up of just 100 people. The original is visually interesting but hard to read as all categories are combined into one overall circle. A problem with percentages is a lack of perspective of just how many people are affected by something like starvation or malnutrition. There were some great examples from the community showing the actual number of people involved in the real world. I wanted to take this a step further and provide access to a story about just one person. The power of a story over a statistic is really interesting me at the moment as a result of a human centred design project I’m involved in.


The viz is also available on Tableau Public here.

Week 49

We’re also celebrating week 100 overall for #MakeoverMonday. Wow! Well done to the organisers. For week 49 the data looked at price variation across JD Wetherspoon pubs in the UK. For my redo I wanted to look at price distributions. The data set wasn’t quite setup  for that so I’ve pulled in an additional scaffolding data set which gave me the full range of one pound price brackets. I made the axis ranges continuous rather than discrete so that the gaps are filled in. This allow us to compare the different components of the meal, but it annoys me that the grid lines are down the middle of the bars. Are there better ways to do this? Please do post back against the tweet if you think so!


This viz is also available on Tableau Public here.