Makeover Monday, 2017 #5

A quick redo of the pie charts in this Business Insider article for #MakeoverMonday week 5.


If you’re thinking that something seems dodgy with these charts then you may well be right and should have a read of @ChrisLuv’s comments which are an excellent read.

In addition to these observations the pie chart colouring doesn’t highlight the message – for me Germany sticks out more than the US based on the colour choice. Other #MakeoverMonday participants have commented on the use of pie charts; personally I don’t mind the pie charts here as the message is to compare the US segment to the rest of the segments combined. Although if doing this I would have coloured the other segments similarly and highlighted US as mentioned.

For my redo I went with a bar chart but combined the other G-7 countries into a single bar. Doing so allows the message in the article (whether right or wrong) to stand out more for me, whilst still providing some of the detail for the other G-7 countries.

I’ve experimented with labelling the other G-7 countries by creating duplicate sheets where mark colours are set to fully transparent so that we seem to get a set of labels aligned under each chart – a bit of a hack and I’m not sure it really works given the distance from the labels to the bar segments?


G-7 Employment Growth