Makeover Monday, 2017 #51

Cruising towards the end of a year of weekly makeovers with a look at over 176 million daily maximum and minimum temperature readings from around the world, over three centuries. As noted by many others, this weeks original visualisation is a tough act to follow – why try to make it better? Well I didn’t! I spent all of my time digging around what was a fascinating data set. In the end my “makeover” is simply a look at how anomalies can just be down to the fact that locations for temperature readings / estimates are introduced over time. The seeming false start for Senegal being a good case perhaps! Equally when temperatures from Antarctica were introduced is it surprising that we see the minimum temperature for the year drop dramatically? What about the impact of elevation of weather stations – over time readings are being taken from more extreme locations and I didn’t even get into looking at that!

The interactive version is available here.