Makeover Monday, 2017 #6

Great fun exploring 105 million rows of Chicago taxi data for #MakeoverMonday this week using the data underpinning this article. The full data set was provided on a hosted Exasol database, purported to be the fastest in-memory analytic database in the world (and it was pretty fast considering the amount of data I was querying from the opposite side of the world).

For my makeover I’ve tried to relate the data to the topic by placing key summary information into a taxi fare style sign - like you would see on the door of a Chicago taxi. That colour scheme is carried down to graphs showing the distribution of trip distances, durations and costs by year along with an approximated heat map of drop off points (without trying to plot millions of points!). The interactive version allows you to filter to specific pick up areas, allowing you to get a feel for the cost and drop offs for those traveling from O’Hare for example.

Chicago Taxi DashboardStatic image only for now until I figure out how to make a cut down extract for Tableau public!