Makeover Monday, 2017 #7

Love is in the air this week with a makeover of an infographic on valentines day spending in the US.

The original visualisation is pretty good although some of the key data (like average spend per person) doesn’t necessarily jump out. Also there’s nothing to show changes over time, even though the data source does contain that information.

So for my redo I wanted to focus on a very clean presentation of the main trends over time, whilst still highlighting some key stats. I also wanted to offer the viewer the ability to explore the data a little more – something I haven’t done in many of my makeovers this year.



The interactive version is available on Tableau Public here.

Getting nice clean spark lines was just a matter of turning off all formatting and adding calculations to provide label text for the first and last points only – a few people have covered that technique this week so check out some of the other blog posts. The heart shapes with the key stats are achieved by using a dual axis chart where the additional series has a single point, in a position specified by a calculation (in the example below at year 2013 and 62.5%, note that with no ELSE only the one point is plotted as the rest are NULL). The point is then given a custom shape, the size beefed up and label text added.