Tableau Prep and #PreppinData 2024 week 11

Week 11 of #PreppinData, and the question: what if there were 13 months in a year? Nice concept to have consistent 28 day months, with 4 weeks per month and each month starting on a Monday and ending on a Sunday. As we found out when we expanded the two row data set though … it’s not as neat as it seems, ending up with a spare day (or two in a leap year).

Part one of my flow answers Jenny’s question “which dates would change months?”. Output gives me 190 as expected.

Part two of the flow looks at Carl’s question of “what the new month(s) would be called”. Turns out the extra month most logically slots in between June and July. This is based on which old month is most associated with a new month number (the number of days of each new month that fall in an old month). And then the “average” of June and July (based on ASCII codes) is Juno. This may (or may not) be Dominican slang for extremely drunk, which coincidentally may (or may not) be what you’d need to be to suggest changing the current calendar in the first place! My preference for the extra day or two at the end is Extrember … as it’s a little extra after December.

PD 2024 Wk 11