Tableau Prep and #PreppinData 2024 week 13

An Easter themed #PreppinData for 2024 week 13. Preparing sales of products in the 12 weeks running up to Easter to allow for easy comparison of the period across years in Tableau Desktop.

A nice one step solution this week (see screenshot at the end of this post): a FIXED level of detail calc to get the first sale date per year; then date calcs to get the week, day and day order.

This week marks a quarter of a year learning Tableau Prep. I started with┬áthe Tableau getting started guide (2 hours), committed around an hour a week for 13 weekly #PreppinData challenges (a great resource and progression of learning), answered a handful of Tableau Prep questions on the Tableau community forums (5 hours), and blogged about my learnings to reinforce them (5 hours). 25 hours all up and I feel like I’ve got a good grasp of the product and it’s capabilities. It’s a great tool for analysts and those needing to do ad-hoc but often repeatable data preparation, cleaning and transformation prior to analysis. Even better, it’s included with your Tableau Creator license if you’re using Desktop or Cloud as a creator! Definitely give it a go if you use Tableau and have a need to tidy data.

PD 2024 Wk 13