Arden Street, Alleys and Gardens

A short stroll for a mixture of evening sun and shaded alley ways, as long as you don’t mind a little up hill!


This 2.6 km loop from Dunedin North Intermediate on North Road soon turns uphill with a climb up narrow Frame Street. Keep going as far as Taine Street, from where you can see Knox College in the distance.

Frame and Taine

Taine Street drops down into some steps to Chambers Street.

Taine Steps

If you turn left up Chambers Street you’ll find an alley way to your right that becomes Arden Street. This section was recommended to me by a family member and fellow valley resident; it didn’t disappoint!


The final section before Glendining Ave goes through a charming archway of trees and shrubs.


After a glance at the view from Glendining you can follow Arden Street down the steps to the back of Knox College.

Steps to Knox

Just down Opoho Road from Arden Street there is an entrance into the Botanic Gardens which offers a relaxing way to wind back down to the valley floor.

Botanic garden entrance

Botanic gardens

After enjoying the terraces above the stream I left the gardens by the Great King Street exit and walked across the cricket grounds to Dolphin Street. One last alley way (on this walk!) cuts from Gladstone to Carlyle Street.

Last alley

Then it’s back down to North Road and the start of the loop.