Duddingstone to Dalmore

This 3.8 km loop makes for a great summer evening walk. Starting at the bottom of Duddingstone steps you’ll climb up to Dalmore, gaining glimpses of the valley, city and harbour on your way. Take the time to explore Dalmore Reserve and the community garden, before dropping down Gladstone Road and back alleys to the Gardens corner and North Road.


There’s a steep start to this walk up Duddingstone Steps from North Road. Overall it’s roughly 120 m to climb up to Dalmore, so stop and enjoy the view a few times if you need to catch your breath!


Halfway up the steps look back to Sacred Heart Church and the valley.


There are more glimpses of the valley and city over the rooftops as you wind up Buccleugh and Barclay Streets. Then it’s left onto Hislop and a break by the bus stop to enjoy the panorama.


Turn left onto Allenby Ave and opposite Blundell Street you’ll find the main entrance to Dalmore Reserve. Overgrown public land back in 2015, the reserve has been brought back to life by a group of hard working locals.


Wander past the productive community garden and you’ll discover a little loop track off to the left which is well worth exploring if you’re sure of foot. The loop track dips through the bush before opening up to harbour views.


It looks like a track is being developed off to the right too, but I couldn’t quite find a way down to Gladstone Road. I so wanted to explore more down this valley!


Instead leave the reserve the way you came in and turn left onto Allenby Ave and then Pine Hill Road to join up with the top of Gladstone Road. You could weave back down to the valley from here, but a delightful alternative is to turn off at Falkirk and down Orbell Street. At the end of this street it looks like the road is going to drop off to nowhere. It doesn’t and instead you join a peaceful shrub shrouded alleyway and steps to Bank Street.


Finish your walk down Bank Street to the Gardens Corner and back onto North Road to your start point. Or if you’re getting thirsty then consider a quick stop at Inch Bar on your way!