Makeover Monday, 2017 #1

The first Tableau Makeover Monday for 2017 looked at an article about gender inequality in Australian pay. The article is based on 2013-14 tax year data from The original article presented the data in two tabular lists which made the comparisons being drawn hard to visualise. Unsurprisingly many of the makeovers represented the gap between male and female taxable income in a selection of occupations. One of the problems with the article, and a number of makeovers, is the assumption that taxable income is the same as pay; that is not necessarily the case as can be seen by digging into the original source data (which seems to cover taxable income from sources other than main occupation). I’ve steered away from mentioning pay in my version and simply tried to represent that in the bulk of cases men will generally have a higher taxable income than their female counterparts. Click on the image to see the interactive version, where hovering over a bubble shows you the detailed figures.