North East Valley Walks

We live in a beautiful city and North East Valley is one of it’s hidden gems. If you live in the valley like me, then parts of it will be a familiar journey. But how often do you get off the main road and explore a different route? Check out the walks and info below for some ideas on exploring more of the valley.

NEV1Mid-valley loop:  a nice 4.5 km loop that will take you up North Road from Blacks Road to Normanby, and return through the bush and back roads along Lindsay Creek. Finish up with coffee and cake at the Blacks Road Greengrocer!

mapDuddingstone to Dalmore: This 3.8 km loop makes for a great summer evening walk. Starting at the bottom of Duddingstone steps you’ll climb up to Dalmore, gaining glimpses of the valley, city and harbour on your way. Take the time to explore Dalmore Reserve and the community garden, before dropping down Gladstone Road and back alleys to the Gardens corner and North Road.

mapCleghorn Street Track: A good climb and spectacular harbour views await you on this 9 km (2 hr+) loop from North East Valley to Cleghorn Street Track and Signal Hill. Starting and finishing at the bottom of Calder Ave on North Road gives you the opportunity to explore the North East Valley community garden and grab a coffee at the Steep Cafe before or after the walk.

mapArden Street Alleys: A short stroll for a mixture of evening sun and shaded alley ways, as long as you don’t mind a little up hill! This 2.6 km loop from Dunedin North Intermediate turns up Frame Street, explores the alleyways along Arden Street before dropping back through the Botanic Gardens.

mapWatts and Campbells Road loop: A 9 km walk over two paper roads with impressive perspectives over the valley. The walk has a steep start up Watts Road from North Road, fences to cross and stock to avoid. I also had to adjust my route as it became overgrown. If that’s not for you then try the Campbells Road stretch from Pine Hill to the Mount Cargill reserve and back, as the lush grassy farm track has some spectacular views back down the valley to the harbour and city.


I’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions! I’ve got a few walks to try, and to write about, from the sites below. If you have other comments or suggestions please do get in touch via email.

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What other walks do I do?

I don’t just walk in North East Valley, but this part of my blog is dedicated to local walks as a way to exercise, experience our neighbourhood and regularly write. In the future I might write up other walks, and for those interested I’ll put a link here. Or you can drop me an email at the address above.

Happy exploring everyone!